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At Savvy Tot Sleep we specialise in babies, toddlers and children between the ages of 4 months – 11 years who are having sleep difficulties

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Deb has a lifetime’s experience of working with parents, babies, toddlers & children in managing sleep difficulties and every aspect of parenting children

If your baby or child is between 4 months – 11 years and is having sleep problems, we are here to help.

Although many sleep problems are behavioural in origin, as health professionals we can also identify if your baby or child has any medical issues that may be hindering good quality sleep.

Sleep or lack of it affects and involves the whole family and that’s why we like to see the whole family at the initial consultation. It also means we can devise a tailor made plan of action that fits comfortably with your parenting style. Many parents are confused by the overwhelming amount of information available about baby/child sleep and a one off consultation puts them on the right track.

Many parents however, are totally overwhelmed and don’t know which way to turn. They have often been coping in silence for months or even years with their child’s sleep problems. Our job at Savvy Tot Sleep is to guide parents through the sleep teaching process and give you confidence to maintain your child’s new found ability to sleep.

Consultations are available via Skype and FaceTime worldwide.

You can watch Deb at a sleep consultation in the video clip below from Channel 4’s Born Naughty programme – Series 1, Episode 3.
Deb at a Sleep Consultation

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“Wow what an amazing service… When you think you can’t cope with another sleepless night (nearly two years!) Deb was on hand to offer support very quickly and patiently we would recommend Savvy Tot Sleep to everyone. A few helpful tips and we are now getting a full night’s sleep #forevergrateful #happyfamily x”

February 2016


Over Ones and Early Morning Waking

Over Ones and Early Morning Waking

Are a pain! Just when mum and dad are drifting into that last bit of refreshing deep sleep LO wakes up before the cock crows and just WON’T go back to sleep.

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Naps too short!

Naps too short!

If I had £1 for every time I’m asked how to extend LO’s naps – I truly would be sunning myself in Barbados! Picture the scene – golden beach, azure blue sea gently lapping the shore, a soft sea breeze taking the edge off the heat from a golden sun.

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