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Deb Sugden

Deb SugdenDeb has worked in the NHS as a RGN and health visitor for over 30 years. Her common sense approach and success rate lead to her being chosen as a sleep expert for Bedtime Live C4 (2013) and Born Naughty C4 (2015). Deb has also worked as a sleep expert for NHS Start for Life campaign and been published in Prima Baby and Pregnancy Magazine.

Her interest in baby/child sleep came after 8 years of sleep deprivation with her eldest son and meeting many families through her NHS work who face the same challenge.

Learning good sleep habits is the same as learning any other new skill in life. I have no doubt that positive sleep patterns can be taught and learned and who better to teach them than the ones who love them most, their parents.

You will teach your child many things in life from walking to talking to riding a bike. Your child will need to practise these skills again and again until they have achieved them.

Deb has a lifetime’s experience of working with parents, babies, toddlers & children in managing sleep difficulties and every aspect of parenting children.

The most gratifying part of my work is seeing how an improvement in a baby/child’s sleep patterns has a knock on impact for the whole family. Parents will often report an improvement not only in their mood but their relationship too. Not surprising when they have more time and energy for each other. Unquestionably parents tell us their baby/toddler is ‘happier’ and ‘healthier’ with improved sleep patterns.

Knowing that sleep or getting enough sleep is THE biggest challenge for parents Savvy Tot Sleep was founded in 2008.

We like to see the whole family at each consultation because any sleep solution needs to sit comfortably with both parents/caregivers.

Ultimately poor sleep patterns can lead to:
1. Unhappy baby / defiant child
2. Hyperactive/wired / sleep resistant baby / toddler
3. Temper tantrums
4. Poor immunity
5. Decreased learning ability
6. Parental low mood
7. Relationship difficulties

If you think about it sleep deprivation has the same impact on adults. We’re bad tempered, more prone to minor illnesses and find it difficult to concentrate.

Deb promises a down to earth, solution focused approach. A hand to reach out to when you need support.

“We cannot thank you enough for the help that you gave us – you are the saviour of this family”
Astasia & John

January 2016