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Thank you SO much for all your kind comments about Bedtime Live. It has been an amazing experience!

First and foremost I hope it has helped everyone with a sleep deprived tot!

From my own point of view it has been fascinating to watch how a television programme is “put together”. I can assure you it is a lot more complicated than it looks and involves a huge amount of work from many people. I used to feel hard done by in the NHS frequently working a 50 hour week plus. But some of these television people work an 80 – 90 hour week.

Interestingly, none of them mind working such long hours! And the key point is they all LOVE what they are doing. Which made me think about parenting.

If a parent loves their baby/child why oh why does it sometimes feeling a never ending dark journey. I remember when mine were little planning out the days. The days were far easier if we had a daily outing planned. I guess it gave me structure to the day and them an activity/socialisation to stimulate their little minds and after “wind down time” they were ready for bed.

But there is also a need for babies and children to “explore in their own space”, stimulate their own minds. I used to tell my boys, “boredom breeds creativity”. And still stand by that statement today.

Looking back to when I was at home with small children I know it was the HARDEST thing I have ever done! When I went back to work I couldn’t believe that I had a coffee break, a lunch break, and even afternoon tea!

The moral of this story is to look after yourself as a parent. Give yourself a break and don’t feel guilty. It’s hard to realise when you are so emotionally intertwined with your baby/child that they can learn a lot from other people as they do from you. If a break from your baby/child helps you love being a parent even more – it’s a no brainer!

If you’ve had a bad night with your baby/child you may feel like spitting at my words! It is true to say that everything you go through with your child binds them to you for life, particularly the tough times (sleepless nights).

I can assure you that in retrospect the years you spend with your child are over in a flash. Enjoy them while you can. All too soon they have flown the nest and embarking on their own unique lives – with your blessing.