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Giving babies verbal reassurance is as old as mankind itself. It’s believed that stone age mothers would talk to their baby as they gathered food to stop them crying and alert predators.

Newborn babies search for their mother’s voice at birth. There is even research to suggest that a mother’s voice helps open more neural pathways in a baby’s brain and promote learning. Other research suggest’s that babies as young as six months understand key words. “it’s sleepy time”. Listen to the radio and you will know how unique our voices are as you can immediately identify the person speaking without seeing them.

As a small child I can remember drifting off to sleep to the sound of my parents’ voices and the comfort that it brought. It gave me a sense of security, a feeling of “safeness” and emotional well being.

How many times have a heard new mum’s say, “My baby will only sleep on me – I can’t put him/her down”. And I will always reply, “Maybe that’s what YOUR baby needs! Separation is a gradual pocess. Don’t forget your baby has been bundled into that tight space (your womb) for 9 months”.

Over the first few months both mum and baby learn to separate gradually. The process is reciprocal and should not be hurried. There is a gradual “easing off” of physical contact as a baby learns to sleep in his/her own space. Mum’s need to feel confident that their baby is feeling safe as they place them in the crib, “drowsy but awake”.

Hence the idea for ibabysleepteacher! Separating from your baby, hearing them cry or protest as they are placed in the crib can be traumatic especially for a first time mum.

“How long do I leave my baby to cry? Can it damage him/her emotionally?”

Ibabysleepteacher gradually aids baby to settle to sleep independently whilst listening to the sound of mum’s voice. We know that many mums will turn on the chunky tune of a cot mobile to help baby sleep. Isn’t it much nicer to have the soothing tone of mum’s voice for comfort? Mum’s voice has to be the next best thing to physical touch.

Ibabysleepteacher also helps baby learn a strong “sleep cue”. We know that babies learn through repetition and consistency. We also know that busy mums are rarely consistent in their approach to settling a baby. Using ibabysleepteacher before naps and nighttime sleep gives baby the consistency that they need to learn routines.

It’s important to remember that for a baby sleep is consolidated over the first year of life. Creating a good sleep/eat/awake routine is key to helping baby understand our 24 hour circadian cycle. Strong social cues from parents and the environment will help routines evolve.

Ibabysleepteacher is based on a gradual process of teaching baby independent sleep. The biggest cause of prolonged night waking in babies over six months is because parents have intervened too quickly. Ibabysleepteacher guides parents to understand when to intervene allowing baby the time to settle themselves back to sleep.

That’s why we created ibabysleepteacher!