Our Sleep Philosophy

At Savvy Tot Sleep we specialise in babies, toddlers and children between the ages of 4 months – 11 years who are having sleep difficulties. Our approach is gentle. We want sleep solutions to be as pain free as possible for parents and their children. We work “with” not “against” the baby/child’s sleep pattern to promote a more workable sleep routine.

Our philosophy is that babies and children should feel safe and secure falling to sleep in their own room. We believe that good sleep habits can be taught and learned and have a lifetime impact.

We respect the uniqueness of every family in a completely confidential environment.

A family is a unit made up of separate cogs (family members). If one cog becomes disengaged the other cogs cannot function. That’s why we work holistically with the whole family.

As with everything in life when we’ve identified the cause of the problem we can start to resolve it. Once we’ve had that eureka moment we can plan the way forward to a successful sleep solution for your baby, toddler or child together.

We don’t believe in telling you what to do unless you want clear guidance. We believe in giving parents the tools to resolve their child’s sleep difficulties. You are the expert on your baby/child.

Lovely! Kind, professional, patient & empathetic. Just what us exhausted parents need.
Deb helped us work out a routine for our son and made is feel more confident as parents. Our baby is now getting the sleep he needs and so are we. We are all doing so much better now!