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Sophie, Bradford-on-Avon

If you’re struggling with your baby or toddler’s sleep, you can’t get better than Deb! She has been amazing helping us with our then six month old daughter, who woke every two hours at night, co slept and couldn’t get to sleep without being rocked or fed, with very short daytime naps.

After six weeks of working with Deb, she’s slept through the night several times, or just has one night feed, happily sleeps in her own room and gets herself to sleep without being rocked or fed which was unthinkable six weeks ago!

Deb is kind, patient and empathetic. We really appreciated her openness and availability to speak to us, and her advice to trust your instincts. She recognises that it’s not easy for parents to work on their baby’s sleep in this way which really helps, too.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and all three of us are so much happier having had her help!

Katie and Gus

Julia was fantastic and helped us through a very tricky period with our 4.5 month old son. She helped us navigate various sleep training options and was respectful of our parenting style throughout. During our time working with Julia, our son went from a very difficult hour-long assisted put down and waking every few hours for a feed, to happily self soothing in under 20 minutes and waking only once for a feed during the night. We are very grateful for her help and would highly recommend Julia and Savvy Tot Sleep!

K. Walker

Wow what an amazing service… When you think you can’t cope with another sleepless night (nearly two years!) Deb was on hand to offer support very quickly and patiently.

We would recommend Savvy Tot Sleep to everyone. A few helpful tips and we are now getting a full night’s sleep #forevergrateful #happyfamily x

Parents of 9 month old

Hi Julia

Last night Theo had his first night with no wake ups!!! This seemed so impossible before we started working with you, thank you so much for all your help.

L. Cochrane

My advice to anyone considering contacting Deb would be not to hesitate. Her knowledge and experience combined with a patient and intuitive nature would (I am sure) resolve any sleep issue with any child.

Jo, mum of Ben, 7 months

Thanks for all your help Julia, for being a patient listener and being so supportive.

Reference from a Father…

We had been experiencing problems with our 14 month little girl not sleeping very well from about 12 weeks on. She was constantly waking through the night and we relied on a breast feed and constant back rubbing to get her off to sleep, on occasions this could take up to 4 hours at a time. Our little girl is lactose intolerant and won’t touch any of the prescribed formulas, so my wife has ended up breast feeding her longer than we wanted, due to this our baby really relied on the breast milk to fall asleep. As time went on and the 3 of us got more and more tired, we eventually sought help from Savvy Tot Sleep.

I was very apprehensive at the start as I couldn’t see a way forward, but after meeting Deborah in Exeter and discussing our problems, she can up with a plan that first of all changed her bed time routine and then progressed dealing with the wake ups, we did a week of her new bedtime routine and for the first time ever I was able to get her to sleep without her falling asleep on the breast, we continue with this for a week before tackling the night wake ups. By the 3rd night she had slept through with no feeds, I was so happy, it really was a breakthrough. I wouldn’t say we are 100% there yet but the improvement has been huge and we now know what to do if and when she wakes.

I can’t thank Deborah enough, it was well worth the time and money and I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing problems. Thank you!

Mum of Harry, 1 year old

Thank you Julia! I’m definitely enjoying not having 1000 Dummies laying around!! I just wanted to let you know that Harry slept 11 hours last night without waking! Just amazing… may this continue!
Can’t believe that just a few changes can make such a big difference

SO, Exeter

I would unhesitatingly recommend Savvy Tot Sleep. They have been a huge support to us at a very stressful time. Our son was waking about seven times a night and my husband and I were completely sleep deprived and shattered after 10 months of this. We were reading different books and trying different things but the books weren’t answering our specific questions.

Savvy Tot Sleep drew up a clear plan for us to follow, taking our particular situation and our family values into account. With their support, we were able to follow this to help our son to better nights’ sleep and better naps. They have been extremely generous with their time and we have had several follow up phone calls in which all our questions were answered but in way that enabled us to trust that our own instincts were leading us in the right direction. Our son now rarely wakes more than once in a night, and frequently sleeps right through. Without Savvy Tot Sleeps’ support I don’t think we would have been able to have achieved this.

SM, Bristol

I would recommend your services to anyone in a flash!

We really want to thank you for ALL you have done for us. Things were so hard when we first spoke to you that I found it hard to even explain what was wrong! You did such a wonderful job of getting to the core of what the issues were and gave us solid, practical advice to tackle them – and in such a gentle, kind manner. I know you have said we did the hard work but we honestly wouldn’t have known where to start without your guidance. Life is so much easier now. Alice is a little delight and we are really enjoying her.

Thank you again.

KT, London

I just thought let you know our success with night time sleeping. We followed your email advice and picked up some other useful tips from the book. After reducing the night feeds over a period of 2 weeks and getting down to 1 awakening with a 2 minute feed, I decided that Wednesday 1st September would be our last night feed. To my surprise that night she woke at her usual time, did a short cry and then resettled herself back to sleep before I could even get up and get to her. Since then we have had a few nights where she has woken and resettled herself quite quickly, a few nights where i have had to pat her back to sleep and quite a few (including the last 3 nights) where she has slept all the way through without making a squeak. She also wakes slightly later in the mornings as well which is a bonus! I cannot thank you enough for your advice and the book.

Thanks again.

Lucy and Rob parents of Poppy 16 months say:

We had IVF so Poppy was very precious. By the time she was 13 months we’d only ever had 2 full nights’ sleep! I felt I was wading through a mist of nights and days and never really seeing sunlight. To be honest we were dubious and very anxious when we went to Savvy Tot Sleep. I just remember the sheer relief I felt telling Maggie everything! She was so calm and reassuring and I felt I could instantly trust her. She gave us both the confidence to follow through the plan.

I’m proud to say Poppy is now sleeping 11-12 hours at night and if she doesn’t have a 2 hour daytime nap she’s gets really miserable. Now she needs her sleep. The difference in her and us is staggering.

Megan mother of Harry 10 months says:

Harry wore me out. Even the health visitor said he was a feisty baby. Boy was she right! After 9 months of breastfeeding 2 – 3 times a night I was exhausted. I knew I shouldn’t be feeding him but I’m on my own and working full time. I suspected nursery was leaving him to sleep too long during the day but they assured me he was sleeping the same amount as all the other babies of his age.

Harry responded well to Savvy Tot Sleep plan. After a week he only woke once and just over 2 weeks he slept his first full night ever. It was like a miracle!  I’m not saying it was easy. The 4th and 5th night I nearly gave up but Deb kept me going. I’m so glad I did. I can really enjoy him now.

Tori and Alex parents of Reuben 4 years and Lauren 2yrs and 3 months say:

I can honestly say our marriage was on the brink (not that I realised that at the time). Our first son Reuben had always slept really well and I just didn’t anticipate any problems with Lauren. She was fine at first but when she started crawling everything changed. She seemed to “hype up” in some way and was always on the go and would kick up with intense crying every time I tried to put her in her cot. I caved in and she slept with us. But by her second birthday we’d had enough.  Luckily I met Maggie and Deb in Mothercare and after talking to Alex we decided anything was worth a go.

I felt really stupid not being able to manage my own child especially as Reuben had always slept but every child is different. After only 2 weeks of following the plan Lauren was curling up in her cot bed without a peep. Take my advice and get help. We had over a year of needless misery.

Annalise and Mark parents of Lily nearly 4 years say:

Of course I love Lily but I didn’t love her yelling and shouting at us several times a night. I couldn’t sleep properly because I knew what was coming. Every night filled me with dread. She’d go down fine – I’d had her in a good bed-time routine from early on.  It came to the crunch when she refused to let Mark settle her. She’d sit up in her bed and yell and scream, “I need you mummy”. One night I was up every hour!

Not only that pre-school told me she was biting and hitting other children. I was absolutely horrified my child had turned into a monster. At home she ruled the roost and I felt she was more in control than me. I felt embarrassed telling Deb but she reassured me poor sleep and difficult behaviour go together. Now she’s sleeping well and the difference in her mood is amazing. Thank God we found you.